About Shoutiz

Create opportunities to meet people who can talk passionately and provide fun to meet.

Shoutiz is a social networking service (SNS) that provides a place for communication centered on "comfortable connections." If you like reading good information and exchanging ideas with others, you're in the right place.

Shoutiz is a free and independent community. Share your experience of a particular place, event, product or service, communicate, share, likes and comment on information or news suggested by the community.

We discover new information based on our interests and our relationships, not through advertising-driven recommendations.
In fact, Shoutiz is the place where you can discover new opportunity and information that will improve your life and business.

OUR GOAL is to read more together (or alone), to inspire and to be inspired, to learn, to meet new friends. In short: sharing interesting ideas. To learn and have fun, and to find the next opportunity to share.
The mission of Shoutiz is to create and maintain a social network that provides speakers, signers and users of all the Africa's languages with a platform to communicate and share relevant information locally, regardless of the social, political or economic status of each language.

Shoutiz is open to anyone, but not to any behavior. In fact, we want all users to feel safe on Shoutiz. Because the information, knowledge/Opnion, ideas and people that are part of Shoutiz are always respectful of each and every member of our community, and we trust you'll share the same core values.

Shoutiz is all this. And much more

We build technologies that help people connect with friends and family, find communities, and grow businesses.

We serve the public conversation. That’s why it matters to us that people have a free and safe space to talk.

Earn with Shoutiz

You can earn with shoutiz by promoting us with our affiliate program by sharing your affiliates link to people to register with us

Shoutiz Community

The shoutiz community has over 1.2 million hobby communities. You can meet people with the same hobbies and talk about your hobbies on shoutiz.

Shoutiz Event

More than 5,000 events are posted in the shoutiz. You can find the perfect event for your hobby, such as karaoke, anime, and drinking parties.

Shoutiz News

Shoutiz News carefully selects and delivers various news from current affairs to entertainment and trend information.
You can also see everyone's comments and likes on the hot news, so you can easily check the movements of the world.