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If you want to attract more customers to your social media sites then the first thing you need is to listen to your customers. Are you posting stuff that connects with their own unique needs?

Engage with your readers

This is where many fail. They make a post and then forget to check the comments. Readers are in the search for someone who listens to their needs. If there is a customer complaint respond to it in the most polite way. Brands have been able to use social media effectively to build trust with their customers and you can succeed if you post regularly and communicate effectively with your readers.

Use hashtags

There is such tremendous power in using popular hashtags to connect with your readers. It also helps to make you more searchable hence boosting traffic to your site. You should realize that newsfeed will often bury your new posts making it hard for readers to know what you just posted. By using popular hashtags you can ride on the current wave of events.

Content marketing

You cannot underestimate the place of creative, informative and engaging content. Many people will pass off new posts because they do not offer new information. If you are selling products ensure the images and descriptions are clear. Use CTAs to drive traffic back to your website.

You can also make use of targeted ads offered by various social media platforms. This allows you to target a certain geographical base faster. Use various analytical tools offered by the platform to check your viewership and conversion rates. You can also ride on the wave of influencer marketing to reach a wider audience.

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20 November, 06:52

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There are many people with money in their pocket searching for your service, book or product, willing and ready to buy but because you haven't promoted it to them, they will take your money elsewhere!

Imagine the money you lose everyday because you failed to promote your business or brand!

We are here to bridge that gap for you. Give us the contract to handle the marketing and promotions of your business, service, book or product and watch your business grow in leaps and bounds.

1. To create awareness for your business, brand or product.

2. To publicize your business, brand or product.

3. To expand your customer base and grow your business.

4. To make more sales and increase your turnover.

5. To get repeat customers.

6. To create a trusted brand for your business, product or service.

7. To make you to become an authority in your line of business.

8. And many more.....!
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Wanna make money from home? Instead of spending money on a biz opportunity, just start with a free affiliate account and promote offers on social media or YouTube. If you really want to hustle, you can start your own business in the next few hours. Check out my bio for more info.
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"Don't trust too much, don't love too much, don't hope too much, because that 'too much' can hurt you so much."
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18 January, 01:37
CBN invested over N1 trillion on farmers in six years
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How to Build Online Authority For a More Effective Sales Process

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