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30 November, 11:59
Do you own a small or medium business and you have your business website that has not ranked on google and you are probably thinking about how to optimize that website to rank on google?

If your answer is yes! then go through these SEO tips to get started

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you help your customer to find your website
when they search on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Here are 5 tips that will help you Rank Higher In Online Search

1. FIND THE RIGHT KEYWORD: Research keywords based on your niche using Google Adwords product
tool and use the keywords on your website pages to help them rank when prospectives customers
search with those keywords.

2. DON'T OVERSTUFF YOUR SITE WITH KEYWORDS: according to Google webmaster guidelines:
"Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines" your priority should be to make
the text is clear and easy to read.......

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20 November, 06:52

Do you know that by marketing and promoting your business, books, brand, products or services, you will reach more customers and increase your sales by up to 70%?

Do you know that there are many people in several parts of Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world who seriously need your services, book or product but they don't know how to reach you?

There are many people with money in their pocket searching for your service, book or product, willing and ready to buy but because you haven't promoted it to them, they will take your money elsewhere!

Imagine the money you lose everyday because you failed to promote your business or brand!

We are here to bridge that gap for you. Give us the contract to handle the marketing and promotions of your business, service, book or product and watch your business grow in leaps and bounds.

1. To create awareness for your business, brand or product.

2. To publicize your business, brand or product.

3. To expand your customer base and grow your business.

4. To make more sales and increase your turnover.

5. To get repeat customers.

6. To create a trusted brand for your business, product or service.

7. To make you to become an authority in your line of business.

8. And many more.....!
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16 November, 04:13
The management of the University of Ilorin has expelled a final-year student, Salaudeen Waliu Aanuoluwa of the Department of Microbiology after being found guilty of assaulting a female lecturer, Mrs Rahmat Zakariyau, of the same Department.
A statement by the University’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Mr Kunle Akogun, disclosed that the verdict was handed down by the Student Disciplinary Committee where Salaudeen was arraigned on Monday, adding that “he has 48 days to appeal against the verdict to the Vice-Chancellor in case he feels dissatisfied with the decision”.

“Salaudeen has since been handed over to the police for further necessary action,”, Akogun added.

A letter written to Salaudeen by the University Registrar read, “You will recall that you appeared before the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC) to defend yourself in respect of an allegation of misconduct levelled against you.

“After due consideration of all evidence before it, the Committee was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the allegation of misconduct has been established against you. Accordingly, it has been recommended to the Vice-Chancellor, who has directed that you Salaudeen, Waliu Aanuoluwa be expelled from the university in the exercise of the power conferred on him.

“Accordingly, you are hereby expelled from the University with immediate effect.

“You are required to submit forthwith, all University property in your custody including your Student Identity Card to the Dean of Student Affairs or his representative and keep off the campus.

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16 November, 11:54
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